PRINT MATTERS: 20th Anniversary Edition


PRINT MATTERS: 20th Anniversary Edition

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PRINT MATTERS: 20th Anniversary Edition. The Cutting Edge of Print

Although the field of graphic design continues to evolve, print will always matter when it comes to connecting with audiences in a visceral and sensorial way. Whether they go for more traditional techniques or try out innovative methods, designers today have a variety of means to realise their creative visions and apply their chosen materials meaningfully.

First published in 2015, the 2021 rerelease of PRINT MATTERS – with additional projects and a special cover design to mark Victionary’s 20th anniversary in the publishing industry – is a timely one that examines the cutting edge of printmaking in a world driven by digital screens. From visual identities to packaging and book design, it features a plethora of work from around the world that highlights the important role print plays in making a lasting impact.

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Formato: 18,5x25
Pagine: 288
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2021

ISBN: 9789887462972