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CAPTIVATING FORMS. Structural Package Design in Japan

Captivating Package Designs are based on innovative ideas. Discover the secrets of how to use paper folding design tricks to create high-impact packaging

Beautiful and unique package design makes a product stand out, attracting a customer’s attention quickly and effectively.

In this era of e-commerce, high-impact design is extremely important in recreating the in-store experience of seeing, touching and feeling the actual product virtually online.

This book focuses on innovative “paper folding techniques” which create “captivating forms”. The examples showcased in this book, together with detailed diagrams, are actual, successful product designs currently on the market.

Designs are categorized into “Decorative Design” (introducing designs that focus on unique and decorative forms), “Motif Design” (showcasing package design that imitates objects and things) and “Design with a Handle”.

This book is the best inspirational reference book for package designers, artists and others seeking to create captivating packages.

Veste editoriale: Softcover
Formato: 18,2x25,7
Pagine: 224
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Lingua: J (some GB)
Anno: 2019

ISBN: 9784756251671