WORKING. Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/2018

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WORKING. Red Dot Design Yearbook 2017/2018

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di Peter Zec

  • Year after year Working, edited by Peter Zec, one of the best design experts in the world, visualises products of leisure and relaxation
  • Focuses on design and lifestyle products from areas such as bathrooms and spas, vehicles, consumer electronics and cameras, as well as communication
  • Additionally, the design team of the year, as well as designer and jury portraits will be shown

Working 2017/2018 is the new design yearbook for connoisseurs and people who love the beautiful and good things in life. Around 500 pages of inspiring images and informative texts will guide you through the areas of bathroom and spa products, vehicles with accessories, consumer electronics and cameras as well as communication. The yearbook also introduces you to the design team of the year as well as interesting features on the individual designers and jury members.

Working 2017/2018 shows in an incomparably appealing manner how good design can impact on lifestyle. This makes it an inspiration for design professionals and students, but also for heads of purchasing, marketing strategists and anyone who is enthusiastic about ground-breaking product design and a special lifestyle.

> Professor Dr. Peter Zec, born 1956, is an international well-known design expert. He is the founder and CEO of Red Dot. He has been active for over 20 years as a communications and design consultant for numerous companies and lectures throughout the world in design-relevant topics. As an expert on the international design scene he is the publisher of the Red Dot Design Yearbook and the International Yearbook Communication Design. He has published the following books among others: Informationsdesign (1988), Design goes virtual! (1996), German Design Standards (1997; 2005), Designing Success (1999), Good Design (2000), Orientierung im Raum (2002), Hall of Fame. Companies Searching for Excellence in Design (2003; 2007), Return on Ideas - Better by Design (2006), Who's Who in Design (2003; 2007), and The Design Value - a Strategy for Business Success (2010).

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Formato: 30x30
Pagine: 500
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Schede Prodotto: 360
Lingua: D-GB
Anno: 2016

ISBN: 9783899391961


WORKING (360 products in 5 categories):
- Offices
- Industry and crafts
- Heating and air conditioning technology
- Life science and medicine
- Computers and information technology