WITH MARILYN (Limited Edition)

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WITH MARILYN (Limited Edition)

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di Douglas Kirkland

WITH MARILYN: An Evening 1961

Celebrate Marilyn Monroe, whose monumental reputation endures well beyond the decades since her death; in a gorgeous presentation that is as glamorous as the actress herself.
This beautiful Deluxe Edition includes a Regular Edition book in a collector's cloth box as well as a limited edition numbered print signed by Douglas Kirkland.

"For 30 years Douglas Kirkland has made his living by doing what some photographers might gladly do without charge: taking pictures of glamorous celebrities. In creating the kind of poster-perfect images publicity agents dream of - Marilyn Monroe clad only in silk sheets, for example - he has few peers." - Andy Grunberg, The New York Times

"Though portraiture is a great strength - [Kirkland's] initial apprenticeship was with Irving Penn - it's his journalistic eye that makes for the most striking images." - Fred Schruers, Portfolio Magazine

Douglas Kirkland's extraordinary photographs, compiled for the first time in their complete form here, allow us to pry into the mysterious woman known as Marilyn Monroe, unveiling an intimate night that the world-class photographer shared with the icon. Most memorable for her performances in movies like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and The Seven Year Itch, the public had little insight into the pop culture icon's personal life.

Douglas Kirkland changed all that with his assignment for Look magazine to photograph the movie star in 1961; and in the offing he made history for both himself and the actress. Working in the intimate confines of an unmade bed, the result - still amazing today - is a series of some of the most spontaneous and flirtatious photographs ever taken of this film legend that endure to the present, establishing the photographer's career as a heavyweight and at the same time, adding a new facet to the icon known as Marilyn Monroe.

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