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a cura di Miguel Adrià

WHITE MOUNTAIN. Architecture In Chile

White Mountain: Recent Architecture in Chile presents and analyzes a panorama of contemporary Chilean architecture based on a selection of outstanding works. After years of being on the periphery, Chile has come to be recognized as an architectural hub that can meanwhile boast numerous striking and unique buildings. This is largely due to a stable economy and a very well structured academic system. Chilean architecture is a creative mountain that is becoming clearly visible on the horizon. 
The volume features more than 120 works by 60 different architects or architectural firms, including local figures such as José Cruz Ovalle, Mathias Klotz, Alejandro Aravena, or Smiljan Radic alongside younger generations like Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects. They were selected for inclusion in the book by Miquel Adrià, director of the Arquine Group, in collaboration with an editorial committee comprised of regional architects.
An introductory text provides keen insight into contemporary architecture in Chile and elaborates on the ideas and impulses that informed this particular compilation. It is followed by essays by the distinguished professors and researchers Horacio Torrent and Pablo Allard. The architects are presented in alphabetical order with a brief summary of their projects, supplemented by relevant technical data, floor plans, and photographs.

- Edited by Miquel Adrià / Texts by Pablo Allard, Maximiano Atria, Umberto Buonomo, Macarena Cortés, Cristóbal Molina, Hugo Mondragon, Hugo Mondragón, Horacio Torrent, Andrés Téllez

- Graphic Design by Basedesign, Puro Chile

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