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WADIA ASSOCIATES. The Fine Art of Designing a Home

  • Showcases how Wadia Associates aims to create traditional architecture that is contemporary in the modern world, creating a sense of casual elegance that perfectly expresses the homeowner's individual needs and aspirations
  • Wadia Associates is a multi-award-winning firm, with accolades and recognition for outstanding achievements in architecture, gardens and landscapes, including pool design
  • This highly illustrated monograph is filled with beautiful photography (including four gatefolds), detailed drawings and sketches, and crafted narratives that illuminate the working process and success of many high-end homes, apartments, gardens, and interiors

This exquisite volume, the second for renowned architects and designers Wadia Associates, presents the stunning work of Dinyar Wadia and his team. The firm's impeccable architectural pedigree for traditional design is showcased through their residences, which are characterised by a passion for fine detailing, use of fine materials, exceptional workmanship, and a remarkable versatility in the classical language of architecture. The design philosophy behind each home is to emphasise the integral relationship between the house and its surrounding landscape.

This stunning monograph beautifully presents the residential projects with full-colour photography and detailed drawings. Thoughtful and incisive narratives describe how Wadia Associates interprets - with remarkable versatility and adaptability - the classical language of architecture throughout their residential designs. This monograph shows, for the first time, a beautiful selection of contemporary apartments. Their skillful design sensibilities have provided a seamless fit of their traditionally styled homes and apartments into the eclectic fabric of modern America, and the needs and amenities of a modern American family.

Since the establishment of Wadia Associates more than forty years ago, Dinyar Wadia and his dedicated team of designers have earned a reputation for designing and building high-end homes, and more recently apartments, gardens, and interiors. Over the years, they have helped sculpt the local environment to become an important regional proponent of Classicism. Their skillful design sensibilities have provided a seamless fit of their traditionally-styled homes into the eclectic fabric of Fairfield County. Although avowed New Classicists, Wadia Associates have a pluralistic approach to traditional design that is not rooted in a slavish imitation of the past. More appropriately, it is based upon reinterpreting the past and updating it for the present. And while all of their designs feature the classic proportions and exquisite details of houses from a bygone age, the firm is still able to incorporate all the amenities and needs of a modern American family. As Dinyar fondly describes, "It is traditional architecture for the modern world."

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