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VITTORIO SIMONI. Situational Architecture

Vittorio Simoni began his career as an interior designer but soon moved on to architecture. From his first projects in the 1980s, functionality and simplicity have been of primary importance, and yet Simoni has avoided the cool tropes of Minimalism. As an architect, interior designer and project advisor, he has participated in projects in Belgium, Italy, Spain, Mallorca, Austria, Germany, Dubai, Japan, Bangkok and Curaçao. His oeuvre contains many residential interiors but also includes concepts and designs for museums, hotels, showrooms, shops, offices, exhibitions, boats and even a House of the Future. This complete overview contains sketches, details and documentary photographs that highlight an architectural vision that marries spatial comforts with innovation and respect for man's natural surroundings.

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Formato: 24,5x24,5
Pagine: 240
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2008

ISBN: 9789058562418