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di Stefan Schütz

It is the foreign, the magical, the secretive that fascinates us about Africa. Hidden Africa approaches this endless continent and its peoples from another perspective. Photographer Stefan Schütz traveled through Africa over many months in a SUV, crossing countries, landscapes and decades, seeking that other Africa remote from the major routes. The results were fascinating photographs of people and landscapes that we have not seen from this perspective before and that bring us closer to the mystery of Africa.

• Rare photographs of places far from the major routes

• Fascinating landscape photographs of timeless intensity

• Impressive portraits from close-up

> Stefan Schütz, born 1965, is a photographer and globetrotter. Of all the continents he has traveled, Africa was his greatest challenge.
> Kristina Kömpel-Schütz, born 1971, accompanied her husband on the eastern route from Tunisia to South Africa. Uwe Gesierich, born 1963, freelance text writer and author, accompanied Stefan Schütz on the western route from Morocco to Benin.

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