VIENNA 1850-1930

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VIENNA 1850-1930

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di Peter Haiko

VIENNA 1850-1930. Architecture

During the 80-year period covered here, there was an explosion of creativity in Vienna--in psychiatry, music, painting, and, especially, in architecture. The city's architecture was a moving force behind the birth of modernism and the Bauhaus. This book, illustrated with many photographs (some of them striking), offers visual documentation of important buildings in the city. Unfortunately, most of the photographs lack captions. The text consists of an introduction (with many references to German-language sources) and subsequent introductory notes, a few paragraphs in length, for each building. These notes usually include a couple of bibliographic references to works in German. There is no index. Only for comprehensive architecture collections. - (Margarete Gross, Chicago P.L.)

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