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UTILIZATION. Creative Home Space Designs

The nature of living space has undergone a profound shift in recent years. Changing societal values and the pressures of increased overcrowding have led to new paradigms in habitation. Indoor is out and outdoor is in as walls are removed to create great multi-use rooms where family and friends can come together for a variety of activities. Facades of buildings are created out of stacked wall-to-wall window boxes — a dream for any inspired urban farmer. This shift from traditional to organic is radical, but healthy, creating adaptable spaces that are responsive to our natures as well as to the constraints of the new or converted buildings we inhabit – whether narrow, oblong, submerged or multi-story. Contains a stunning selection of projects from around the world — all exemplary for their creative use of space — and includes diagrams and floor plans. 

A good design optimizes spatial utilization and improves life quality.

Many highly relevant space-efficient interior designs are featured, analyzed with scale, geographical features and environment to reveal how do designers enhance utility and build a sweet home.

Contributors from A-Z: Akio Nakasa - Altius Architecture, Inc. - Anthill Constructions - Atelier Riri - Ateliers L. McComber - Baumraum - Bild Architecture - Bunzo Ogawa / Future Studio - Carl Turner Architects - d.c.a. - Emmanuel Combarel /Dominique Marrec Architects - Fábio Galeazzo  - Francesco Di Gregorio, Karin Matz - HRuiz-Velazquez - i29 / Interior Architects - Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates - Kraus Schoenberg - Matsunami Mitsutomo Architect - MCK Architects - Mizuishi Architect Atelier / Kota Mizuishi - modelina architekci - Maurice Padovani - Miel Architects - POINT Studio - PRODUCTORA - Resolution: 4 Architecture - SFARO Architects - Sharon Neuman - Sinestezia - Studioata - Spacespace - Takeshi Hosaka - Teo Hidalgo Nácher - UXUS - Votrongnghia Co., Ltd.  - Word of Mouth - Yusuke Fujita / Camp Design Inc. 

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