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di Victoria Ballard Bell

  • First book to document the outstanding architecture of the Triangle Region of North Carolina including Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill within the period of 1948 to the present
  • Explores what architects from the the mid-century and those currently practicing have in common, and how the design has evolved over 75 years

The Triangle region of North Carolina is a little-known hotbed of outstanding modern architecture with roots that trace back to the Bauhaus and has helped to shape the history of American modern architecture. While the Triangle has seen a great increased interest in Modern architecture, the understanding of this design and the reasons and history behind it, have not been shared in a clear and meaningful way. There is an information gap between what is appreciated by architects and by the general public.

Triangle Modern Architects documents the rich history and unique cultural significance of a region that is one of the most important on the national map of modern design. Over the last 75 years, the architecture in this area has grown to creatively combine innovation and technology with the area's history, culture, unique landscape, and built context. And, with the famous Bauhaus School, one of the birthplaces of Modernism, celebrating 100 years since its founding, and the NC State School of Architecture nearing 75 years, this is a benchmark moment to analyse and appreciate the resulting body of exceptional architecture, which are a local and national cultural treasure.

> Victoria Ballard Bell is a licensed architect and published architectural writer. She grew up in a mid-century modern house and developed her passion for modern design at the University of Virginia where she received two masters' degrees in architecture and urban planning. Her appreciation for excellent regionally-based modern design has developed further in the Triangle region of North Carolina where she has lived for twenty years.

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