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The invention and mass production of porcelains are China s great contributions to world civilisation. Since the Tang Dynasty, porcelain has been steadily traded to the world through the land and maritime Silk Road, the Ancient Tea Horse Road, the new sea route and so forth. Based on porcelain production centres such as Jingdezhen, Changsha, Longquan, Dehua and Yangjiang and major porcelain traders including the East India Company and the Thirteen Hongs in Guangzhou, the book artistically tells the history of porcelain trade, its stories and history. The author picks the facts that are persuasive and eye-catching such as material on trade groups, porters, wharfs, fleets, caravans, archaeological artifacts and historical figures. These stories on porcelain, transaction and trade routes vividly reproduce the grand picture of how porcelain is stepping on to the world stage from both the time and spatial dimensions. The book explains the integrative development of culture and economy and the driving forces of porcelain exports; shows the contribution of the east-west traders to cultural and material exchanges; displays China s perseverance, fearlessness and entrepreneurship; demonstrates Chinese virtues of diligence, wisdom and honesty; carries forward China s openness and tolerance and also the Silk Road spirits of solidarity, mutual trust, equality, mutual benefit, inclusiveness, reciprocal learning and win-win cooperation.

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