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di Hibino Sekkei

THE WORLD DESIGNED FOR CHILDREN. Things You Need to Know when Designing Spaces for Children

  • First monograph of works by HIBINO SEKKEI, an award-winning design company
  • A thorough examination of Japanese early-childhood education philosophy

Childhood is an important period of contact with new things. Carefully crafted design and high-quality items are essential for a child's development. Therefore, a high-quality physical environment for children should demonstrate a huge sensitivity to the physical and mental experience of children, from the organisation of the building, to the use of materials.

In this book, HIBINO SEKKEI illustrates its unique and innovative philosophy from three aspects - places for children, elements of places for children (kitchen, restroom, playground, material, colour, etc.) and things for children, such as furniture, uniforms, and stationery.

Founded in 1972, Hibino Sekkei is an influential Japanese Design Company dedicated to children's facilities design and welfare facilities. Until now, the company has designed more than 500 children's facilities, and have won many prizes, such as 2019 World Architecture Festival Winner, 2019 Good Design Award, 2019 Kids Design Award, 2018 Winner Architizer A+A Awards, etc. Besides, their new brand KIDS DESIGN LABO, designs everything other than architecture about children's facilities such as furniture, uniform, CI and so on.

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