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di A.Fernández Per - J.Arpa

THE PUBLIC CHANCE. New Urban Landscapes

THE PUBLIC CHANCE is a visual analysis of 30 urban landscapes of opportunity. The projects selected are grouped according to scene of origin:
- Industrial areas
- Peripheral voids
- Infrastructures
- Waterfronts.

Each project is located:
- within surroundings of 60 km2 at a scale of 1:20,000
- within surroundings of 3.5 km2 at a scale of 1:10,000.

Each intervention undergoes a layer analysis:
- Water
- Vegetation
- Buildings
- Routes
- Rooms
- Activities

The 20 most used strategies arise from the comparison of all the projects.

THE PUBLIC CHANCE is the first book published by a+t ediciones in the In common series, which came about in 2005 in the pages of a+t magazine to express our concern for the good use and design of common spaces and was developed over two years, in four issues.
THE PUBLIC CHANCE offers a renewed vision of some of those projects and a third of new interventions, all of them under thematic analysis, characteristic of a+t’s publications.

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Anno: 2008

ISBN: 9788461244881