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di Paolo Emilio Bellisario

THE FOOD STORE. 50+ Stunning Interior Designs & Branding Concepts

  • A richly photographed and detailed compendium, filled with a smorgasbord of inspiring features of interior design strategies and branding concepts for a wide variety of stores, including bakeries, patisseries, and cafés; restaurants and delicatessens; food companies and catering businesses; ice cream parlors and chocolateries; and much more
  • In this book, the reader is guided by a range of well-established designers, who are able to straddle the overlaps between graphic design and interior design trends, and how to effectively manage brand promotion and store design
  • The texts describe ideas for the process of building a small commercial space, from the logo and brand management, to uniforms and general packaging, to menus and product design, through to overall interior design of the space
  • A must-have for architects, interior designers, and brand managers, as well as food store owners and operators

Every aspect of a strong food store design and overall branding strategy should be about how to best enhance the shopping experience and build on the customer's notions of visual and sensory delights. Optimal interior layouts and sharp, clever branding are some of the most effective ways to stimulate a positive customer experience, and which evidence has shown will tend to improve sales. Richly illustrated throughout, this book covers a wide range of food and drink retail design solutions and branding strategies of more than fifty projects from around the globe, including purveyors of fine foods, and a variety of evocative patisseries, an artisanal Hungarian chocolate bar / café, a Mexican ice cream shop, an international selection of bakeries, a Japanese tea shop, a luxurious but eclectic American food store concept, plus so much more. There are several interviews with renowned designers who provide vital detail on how to best connect a store's branding identity and graphics with the interior design and layout fittings, including brand promotions and store operations. This is a must-have book for those looking to stand out in a ever-increasing and competitive business field.

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> Paolo Emilio Bellisario is the co-founder founder of NINE (with Matteo Di Sora and Emilia Caffo), which is an Italian multi-disciplinary architecture firm specialising in interior architecture, retail and product design. NINE's works have been published worldwide, and are also featured in the most important specialist magazines and many other publications.

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