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THE DELICIOUS. A Companion to new Food Culture

From modern Foraging and Entomophagy to future Foods involving 3D Printing, this Book compiles current Food Trends from around the World

Today, food and beverages are a vital part of creative culture. The Delicious presents pioneers, traditionalists, and entrepreneurs who are breaking new ground and enriching the culinary world with their innovative concepts. The book also presents eatery owners who are creating unusual spaces for the enjoyment of food, moving away from the classic restaurant setting.

Eating is more than a pastime, it’s a party; food is more than nourishment, it’s a social experience. The Delicious helps you stay up-to-date with the world’s cooking and dining trends.

The Delicious takes readers on a mouth-watering visual journey to discover what’s cooking around the world. It compiles developments in today’s new food culture, such as health conscious cafeterias, contemporary fast food, and restaurants with cutting-edge ideas, as well as innovative catering and culinary events both public and private. From experimental new dishes to modern interpretations of familiar classics, the featured examples will give readers new perspectives and inspire them to broaden their food horizons.

> The American journalist Giulia Pines has already written several food and lifestyle books, including Finding Your Feet in Berlin: A Guide to Making a Home in the Hauptstadt (2014) and Slow Travel Berlin’s 100 Favorite Places (2013). She has also written on a range of topics including Berlin’s coffee culture, supper clubs, Jewish identity in Europe, short film festivals, and art exhibitions.

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