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Printing may be the most frequently used way of turning a creative idea into an actual product. In this book, we dig deep into the world of print, exploring the four major printing methods including stencil printing, planographic printing, intaglio printing and relief printing. With working mechanism of print techniques explained, printing and plate-making process revealed and interactions with printers presented, readers are given a chance to know the essence of print comprehensively. Over 90 well-selected printed works are featured in this book.

Selling Points:

  • This book begins with a chapter entitled "A Three-Party Interview". The interweaving strands of dialogue offer readers an engaging reading experience.
  • The chapter of "Significant Moments in The History of Printing" highlights important advances in the history of printing, featuring, in chronological order, 18 printing methods.
  • The last section is divided into four chapters. Each of the four easy-to-understand chapters describes one printing method, illustrating its features and principles: how the printing plate is made, and how the printing process proceeds.
  • Over 90 well-selected printed works are featured in this book. Most printing examples include a detailed description of the printing method, substrate, and inks.

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Anno: 2018

ISBN: 9789887849414