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di Lee Ledbetter

a cura di Mayer Rus

THE ART OF PLACE. Architecture and Interiors

The first book from this celebrated American designer and architect known for creating spaces that balance historic detail and modern elegance.

The work of architect and interior designer Lee Ledbetter represents a one-of-a-kind combination of traditional details and chic Modernism. Lee Ledbetter established his practice in New Orleans in 1996 and has developed a body of work that emerges from his ability to incorporate historical precedent as well as regional and environmental context, and his firm has received recognition for its expertise well beyond its Deep South roots. Ledbetter's interiors and architecture combine a cleanly tailored and bright modernity with the unapologetic embellishments of refined and luxurious decoration. Ledbetter strongly believes design to be a fine art along with painting and sculpture, and he considers placement and scale of furniture, artwork, and lighting as carefully as he does the creation of walls and the spaces they contain. As Mayer Rus, who provides the text for this title, once wrote in House & Garden, "Lee Ledbetter rejects the idea that a serious architect cannot be a dedicated decorator as well."


> Lee Ledbetter is an architect and interior designer based in New Orleans. He founded Lee Ledbetter & Associates in 1996. Mayer Rus is the West Coast editor of Architectural Digest.

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