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TENDENZEN. Neuere Architektur im Tessin / TENDENCIES. Recent Architecture in Ticino / TENDENZE. Architettura recente nel Ticino

The work of the Ticino architects first captured international attention in 1975 on the occasion of the Zurich exhibition "Tendenzen - Neuere Architektur in Tessin" (Tendencies - New Architecture in Ticino) and it did so virtually overnight. The leading figures of the Ticino School became aware of the destruction being wrought upon the natural landscape by the unbridled construction boom as early as the 1960s. Aurelio Galfetti, Luigi Snozzi, and Livio Vacchini - soon joined by Mario Botta and Ivano Gianola - set a striking example with hard concrete structures. While they could only aestheticize overdevelopment, not slow it down, their highly varied production established a highly noted brand of architectural regionalism whose impact is still being felt today. This volume brings together the works of the Ticino School. With the publication of this reprint, this unique historical document, which has a permanent place in the teaching of design, is once again available.

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