STUFF. The M(Group) Interactive Guide

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STUFF. The M(Group) Interactive Guide

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di Carey Maloney

  • Stuff: The M(Group) Interactive Guide has its very own interactive supplement that allows the author to share more topic information in various media, far beyond the reach of the printed page
  • The topic pages of this title have Digimarc watermarks, digital recognition technology, where a free app can scan the topics pages and take readers to links on a wide and quirky range of resources which, for maps, includes links not just to high-end dealers but also to a Web page on map tattoos

Explore the brilliant, bold designs and intriguing collections in the beautiful interiors of author Carey Maloney, his partner, architect Hermes Mallea, and their firm, M(Group), in this one-of-a-kind interactive omnibus, Stuff: The M(Group) Interactive Guide to Collecting, Decorating With, and Learning About, Wonderful and Unusual Things.

Stuff: The M(Group) Interactive Guide invites the reader inside the homes of impassioned collectors, detailing the wide variety of art and objects that go into the creation of M(Group)'s complex, richly layered, and beautifully orchestrated interiors. A unique interactive digital recognition technology allows readers to delve deep into 40 captivating topics, expanding the scope of the book to include cyberlinks to the world s great museum collections, the most important dealers, and the most illuminating research resources. Enter M(Group)'s world of wonderfully diverse spaces and learn about an array of esoteric and varied subjects, from anatomical models to Australian aboriginal art, pre-Columbian pottery to Coromandel screens, and taxidermy to Tiffany lamps, all accompanied by personal anecdotes as witty and insightful as the homes M(Group) designs.


> Carey Maloney, a Texan by birth and a New Yorker by choice, founded the architecture and interior design firm M(Group), with his partner, architect Hermes Mallea, in 1984. M(Group)'s award-winning work has been published internationally, and the firm receives accolades for employing classic forms wisely, boldly, and with considerable wit and subtlety for a roster of illustrious clients. Maloney and Mallea divide their time between Manhattan and the Hudson River Valley.

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