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In 1952, Le Corbusier designed a small wooden building for himself that he would inhabit for years as a home-shelter. Le Cabanon would be remembered as a reflection on the concentration of inhabited space, on the versatility of space and its uses. This formed the basis for a challenge posed to a group of authors from different fields in art, architecture and design. Their aim: to think and design an intimate shelter space for themselves, where they would reflect on inhabiting the twenty-first century. The exhibition of their exercises and proposals, Still Cabanon, took place during the 2017 Anozero Biennial, Coimbra (PT) and this book is its catalogue. With contributions by, among others Aires Mateus, Carvalho Araújo, Didier Fiuza Faustino, Eduardo Souto Moura, Fernanda Fragateiro, and José Pedro Croft.

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Veste editoriale: Softcover
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Lingua: P-GB
Anno: 2018

ISBN: 9788469785287