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STEEL AND SHADE. The Architecture of Donald Wexler

This first monograph on Donald Wexler (*1926), the pioneer of prefabricated steel houses, provides a comprehensive view of the »golden years« of Californian architecture. This period from the postwar years through the 1970s, was a time when architects enjoyed considerable freedom to employ new materials and technologies in their search for functionally beautiful architecture. Wexler’s practice began with the design of prefabricated houses constructed of light gauge steel. The extremes of the desert climate forced Wexler to develop a sustainable architecture, which was not only successful functionally, but achieved a timeless aesthetic appeal. He pioneered commercial and residential construction using steel and prefabrication. He applied his groundbreaking techniques and unique style to projects for clients such as Frank Sinatra, the Alexander Construction Company and Walt Disney World Resort. This book includes over 120 color plates and architectural drawings, two essays by curators Lauren Weiss Bricker, professor of architecture at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and Sidney Williams, curator of architecture and design at the Palm Springs Art Museum; an interview with Donald Wexler, and structural engineer Bernard Perlin; a complete project list; and a bibliography.

> Authors: Bernhard Perlin, Donald Wexler, Lauren Weiss Bricker, Sidney Williams

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