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di Pilar Chueca

STAIRCASES. Selection and Details

Building a stairway to heaven--or anywhere else? Get Staircases Selection.Complete one-volume overview of staircases today, with almost 500 color photos.Practical tables and diagrams plus information on materials, proportions, and more. Of course they serve a purpose--but staircases have also become an almost sculptural element in buildings today. Staircases Selection offers a complete overview of stairs, with hundreds of remarkable examples shown in full color. Packed with details on the width, height, and shape of steps, structural systems, balusters, proportions, and materials, plus plans, tables and diagrams, this book is the complete technical and inspirational guidebook to creating staircases that are both functional and beautiful.

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Formato: 25x29
Pagine: 240
Immagini a colori: 490
Immagini b/n: 155
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2007

ISBN: 9788496424999