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a cura di Luis Feduchi

... Rafael Moneo, Victor López Cotelo, EnriqueSoBeJano, Juan Miró, Iñaki Ábalos talk about their Work

Can we still speak today of the existence of a Spanish architecture? Abroad / En el extranjero addresses this question presenting the work of five firms run by Spanish architects, each involved in teaching and working outside Spain. Within the framework of a lecture series that took place at the Instituto Cervantes Berlin under the title Ins Leere gebaut, Rafael Moneo, Victor López Cotelo, Enrique Sobejano, Juan Miró and Iñaki Ábalos reflect on their work abroad. Ins Leere gebaut, or Built into the Void, a research project dealing with aspects of contemporary architecture that recur in Berlin´s ongoing urban development, helped direct the series to explore how the work of these international practices would resonate in the architectural debate currently taking place in Berlin.

Veste editoriale: Softcover
Formato: 16x24
Pagine: 160
Immagini a colori: 170
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Lingua: GB-E
Anno: 2011

ISBN: 9783868591088