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di Chris van Uffelen

  • Concrete and the Woods in Yvonand, Switzerland (MOKA)
  • Casa Curved in Basle, Switzerland (Daluz Gonzales Architects)
  • Montebar House in Medeglia, Switzerland (JMA)
  • House Sch in Bregenz, Austria (Dietrich Untertrifaller)
  • CoMED in Vienna, Austria (ad2 architekten)

This title is dedicated to a common and very frequent construction task in Switzerland and Austria: the detached house. Current design trends and new interpretations of alpine building cultures, different ways of life and realities, changed demands and needs can be discovered in what architects and designers have created in recent years. A particularly exciting phenomenon in this context is the creative handling of room arrangements and the spatial partitioning, for which very different solutions are found.

For this volume, the author has selected outstanding contemporary concepts and designs that deserve to be noticed and appreciated much more. Between prefabricated houses on the one hand and fancy villas on the other, all presented homes are within a middle-class budget. Floor plans and elevations, key figures on square feet, facts on ecological aspects, materials used and, last but not least, the respective designers offer the potential builder an extremely practical benefit.

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