di Wang Shaoqiang

SIMPLICITY. The Appeal of Minimalism in Graphic Design

Minimalism emphasizes extreme simplicity of form. By reducing the number of graphic elements, the strength of each element is enhanced. Or, as Mies van der Rohe famously said, "Less is more." Known for their simple and unassuming rules, the Nordic and Japanese design schools are the most outstanding representatives of this trend, which is being embraced by more and more graphic designers in their fields, be it branding, editorial, communication or packaging. Simplicity collects over a hundred works by graphic designers from all over the world who apply minimalism in their works to infuse them with an elegant simplicity and a clean style. This volume aims to be an indispensable guidebook for designers who are looking for new modes of expression, and an enjoyable and engaging read for those who wish to learn more about the beauty of all things simple.

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Anno: Novembre 2020

ISBN: 9788417412715