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di Yuto Yamada

SILENT WORLD. Beautiful Ruins of a Vanishing World

Capturing the serene Beauty of the Passage of Time, an original Photo Collection of stunningly beautiful Ruins from the World

This is a never-before-seen photography book compiling breathtakingly beautiful ruins of the world in their silent surroundings.

All photos in this collection, which has been 3 years in the making, are by Yuto Yamada, a graphic designer and photographer who now lives in Berlin.

Beautifully composed, dramatic and spectacular photos of factories, army bases, hospitals, airports, railway stations, bridges and so on, which remind you of a scene from a movie, are at the same time overwhelming and intriguing.

Veste editoriale: Softcover
Formato: 29,8x21
Pagine: 192
Immagini a colori-b/n:
Lingua: J (some GB)
Anno: 2019

ISBN: 9784756250001