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di Dr. Li Hong

Though great differences exist between elderly residential systems in Eastern and Western societies, architects and designers all over the world should always pay attention to the mood and mental health of the elderly residents, and safety and comfortability of their living environment. The book covers the most typical aging societies such as Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, USA and Japan, where the latest notable projects are selected, including nursing homes, senior apartments, elderly communities and high-end elderly residences. Featuring different styles and innovations, and particularly an analysis of the demands and trends of elderly residential projects in China, the book offers a reference kit for all designers from different backgrounds.

> Dr. Li graduated from Tongji University, Shanghai in Architecture, received his Master s Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and is a registered architect and urban planner in Germany. Dr. Li a partner of SBA International and managing director at SBA China. Dr. Li makes intensive research into senior and healthcare architecture, and is quite experienced in practice with many projects, including the Geriatrics Rehabilitation Centre at Universitat Ulm, Germany; Alter Town for the Senior and the Handicapped, Germany; Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation and Therapy Centre, Munich, Germany; Elderly Community in Egling an derPaar, Germany; Konggang International Hospital, Tianjin, China; and Xinting Apartment for the Aged, Shanghai, China.

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