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di Emre Arolat

  • Emre Arolat describes a contextual design process for three diverse projects
  • This compelling new book delves into the mind of one of today's most esteemed architects, enabling the reader to visualise the design process within the context of a geographic place and socio-economic environment
  • We see how a great architect thinks and arrives at design solutions when challenged by religious context, cultural identity, and a society's norms

Scent of the Trace is an expose of an Architect's inner dialogues during the design process. The book contains a detailed and extensive documentation of the internal struggle to conceptually ground and position three different works of architecture: Sancaklar Mosque, Bergama Cultural Center and Yalikavak Palmarina. Emre Arolat investigates how architecture can exceed its boundaries by envisioning the interaction between the work of architecture and the community, the unique interpretation of the context and the relation to its physical surroundings.

Arolat's writing shows that works of architecture are palimpsests and as such are devoid of any single message. Accompanied by sketches, drawings and photographs that give insight into the design process, the book presents the search for an architecture construct that nurtures culture, social interaction and diversity, fostering relationships where the key to a design is not to be found in its 'origin' but in its 'destination', where architecture transforms the destiny of a place.

Emre Arolat is the Founding Partner and Lead Designer of EAA-Emre Arolat Architecture, an international design studio with offices in New York, London and Istanbul. Since 2004, EAA has cultivated a design approach, reconciling issues of identity that is rooted in historical and geographic traditions, yet recognises the inescapable demands of the contemporary world.

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Born in Ankara, Turkey, Emre Arolat comes from a long family tradition of architects. Since the beginning of his architectural career, Emre has created an extraordinary body of work combining intellectual and artistic sensitivity and designing buildings large and small, tempered by the tradition and culture from which they spring. Emre received international recognition early on in his career, with Minicity Theme Park being the work selected for the Mies Van der Rohe Award for European Architecture (2005), and the Aga Khan Award for Architecture (2010) being awarded to the design for the Ipekyol Textile Factory in Edirne. More recently, In 2018, Emre's Sancaklar Mosque has been awarded with the RIBA International Prize. Along with his architecture practice, Emre Arolat has held a professorship at the International Academy of Architecture, was one of the curators of the 1st Istanbul Design Biennale and in Fall 2017 semester he was the Norman R. Foster Visiting Professor at the Yale School of Architecture. Arolat's wide-ranging repertoire includes a marina complex on the shores of Yalikavak, Bodrum (2011-2014); the Antakya Museum Hotel, built above an existing archeological site in Antakya (2014- ); the SantralIstanbul Contemporary Art Museum, (2005-2006); and the Dalaman International Airport (1999-2006), among others.

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