SAKURA VILLA. Demonstration Unit

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SAKURA VILLA. Demonstration Unit

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a cura di Matthew Han

SAKURA VILLA. Global Top Decoration Extravaganza: Demonstration Unit

  • 24 new developments in China
  • Features cutting-edge designers
  • Provides the readers with guidance on interior decoration and soft furnishings in order to recreate a specific theme within their living space

The influence that the home has on the personal life of its inhabitant is much greater than one realises.

This fantastic new title focuses on 24 new developments in China that focus on how good interior design can be utilised to create a more comfortable and fulfilling life for its inhabitants.

Each development has its own individually-themed chapter lavishly illustrated with stunning images. Each section includes various details about the type of home that has been created; everything from the type of furniture and decoration used and the architectural plans to a short description of the effects that this choice of decor can have on your wellbeing.

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Formato: 25,4x25,4
Pagine: 344
Immagini a colori: 1000
Lingua: GB
Anno: 2013

ISBN: 9789886857854