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di Remy Meijers - Paul Geerts - René Gonkel

REMY MEIJERS. Simply Elegant

  • This interior design book by Remy Meijers provides the inspiration to harmonise all elements in your house, and thus create true tranquility.
  • Second book of Remy Meijers, after Shades of Grey (2011)

Interior architect Remy Meijers became famous for his ability to create balance in the most diverse spaces. The starting point of his work is a holistic approach in which all elements are perfectly matched. This approach creates interiors that exude a pleasant sense of repose, in all their simplicity.

A good example is the prestigious 5-star hotel The Dylan in Amsterdam. But the estates, mansions, villas, cottages, commercial and exhibition spaces designed by Meijers' capable hands also reflect his vision of interior architecture. As part of his overall vision, Remy Meijers usually designs the furniture and accessories himself, both for his own collection and for a number of collections from leading brands. This book shows his most recent projects.

"An interior can only be balanced when every detail is thought about." - Remy Meijers
"The power of an interior is in its tranquility, not in its hassle." - Remy Meijers

> Remy Meijers worked for a number of design companies before he started his own business in 2000, designing for villas, estates, mansions, offices and shops. Paul Geerts is a freelance journalist, who has been writing about design, living, gardening, art and culture since 1989. His articles have appeared in numerous newspapers and Dutch interior design magazines.

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