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| Unmistakable and in a direct exchange with the surrounding landscape—Reiulf Ramstad’s structures

Reiulf Ramstad is one of Norway's most promising architects and a leading exponent of a new and revitalized Nordic architecture representing some of the classical virtues of the tradition known as Critical Regionalism. Ramstad graduated from the School of Architecture in Venice in 1995 and was influenced by, among others, Aldo Rossi, Carlo Scarpa, and later by Sverre Fehn, whose unique design language, animated use of materials, and sense of tactility he has managed to both carry on and reinterpret. Ramstad has won several international prizes and competitions for his outstanding projects. This exclusive monograph, edited by Danish architectural critic Boris Brorman Jensen, presents the architect's mental landscape and provides an in-depth study of the unique qualities and exceptional contextual sensibility that characterize in his entire oeuvre.

- Texts by Boris Brorman Jensen, Hans Ibelings, Carsten Thau

- Graphic design by Verena Gerlach

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