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a cura di Yang Meng 

  • Packaging is vital for promoting local products and culture; this book collects innovative examples from around the world
  • Flat plans of the packaging and analysis of their designs are included, alongside an introduction to each product and its origins
  • Of interest to design students

With the rapid development of the cultural tourism industry, how can local products be introduced to the market? The answer is, of course, through their packaging.

Featuring the exquisitely crafted packaging designs of local products from around the world, including China, Japan, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, this book demonstrates how design appeals to the tourist. The special characteristics that make these local product packaging examples unique are introduced alongside the products themselves, telling the reader a little about their origins. Flat plans of each piece of packaging demonstrate its structure, and the design is explored in detail.

> Yang Meng is the Vice President, associate professor, and master tutor at Shenyang Aerospace University. His research centres mainly on the regional characteristics of cultural symbols and brand design, as well as the problem of transforming cultural heritage resources into design.

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