PURPLE #35: The Island Issue

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PURPLE #35: The Island Issue


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PURPLE 35: The Island Issue (Spring/Summer 2021)

Purple Fashion is the avant-garde reference for fashion, style, and contemporary culture with the usual big names. This extroverted issue is dedicated to islands, literal and metaphorical, and features 18 different covers, selected at random when ordered. Olivier Zahm created it in Ibiza during the pandemic, instead of in his usual decadent surroundings in Paris. Model Lili Sumner escapes New York for a nude photo shoot on an arid island in the New Zealand archipelago. Essayist Brad Philips muses about islands of security, love, and the Bee Gees. Miriam Cahn’s island is a bunker in a Swiss valley, where the feminist artist creates works that attack toxicity.

Purple magazine issue #35 is dedicated to ISLANDS, literal and metaphorical, and features 18 covers: 

- Au Départ by Olivier Zahm
- Amanda Wall
- Emporio Armani by Lukas Wassmann
- Balenciaga by Juergen Teller
- Berluti by Takashi Homma
- Bottega Veneta by Dario Catellani 
- Chanel by Pierre-Ange Carlotti
- Comme Des Garçons by Chikashi Suzuki
- Elizabeth Glaessner
- Gucci by Maciek Pozoga 
- Ami with Isabelle Adjani by Olivier Zahm
- Jil Sander by Shaniqwa Jarvis
- Lisa Yuskavage
- Miram Cahn
- Mugler by Olivier Zahm
- Prada by Colin Dodgson 
- Raoul Hausmann 
- Saint Laurent by Roe Ethridge

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