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PLÄTZE / URBAN SQUARES. Plätze und stadtische Freiraume von 1993 bis Heute/Recent European Promenades, Square and City Centres

What would a town be without squares? It is precisely these open spaces which give the built areas their meaning, function and character. Squares provide a breathing space within the structure of the city, separating and connecting. They are the stage for urban actors, a centre of interaction, the heart of the political and social life of an urban community and frequently the subject of passionate public debate. As such, designing new squares or redesigning existing ones is a fascinating challenge for architects, urban planners and landscape architects.
This book presents the best and most attractive squares which have been presented in individual Topos magazines since 1993. It contains successful examples from Barcelona, Lyon, Rotterdam, Reykjavik, Verona, Dublin and Vienna.

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Anno: 2002

ISBN: 9783764366704