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di Joyce Huisman

PIET BOON 1. The First Book with All the Classics

Timeless design, functionality, comfort and sustainability using natural materials. Piet Boon's style is always distinct and the designs in his first book Piet Boon 1 are still current. A fantastic resource, this book is re-published due to consistently high demand. It presents nine different design projects with photographs and is a source of inspiration and a beautiful showcase collection of Boon's work.

> Joyce Huisman has published numerous titles, both culinary and interior design books.

Piet Boon is one of the most celebrated designers in the Netherlands and internationally. He is especially famous for his furniture designs and for his interior design and landscape architecture. Piet Boon has become a worldwide brand name signifying luxury that has attracted clients from around the world.

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Anno: 2014

ISBN: 9789089896056