OVE ARUP. A Philosophy of Design

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OVE ARUP. A Philosophy of Design


Featuring a number of essays published for the first time, this collection of writings by the inspirational structural engineer Ove Arup provides valuable insight into one of the greatest minds the field has witnessed.

The founder of the eponymous engineering firm, which continues to realize seminal projects around the world, Ove Arup is widely acknowledged as one of the most significant engineers of his time. Generated over the course of his illustrious career, these lectures, essays, and interviews broadly share several themes: insight into Arup’s thinking on the nature of good design, quality and value in the built environment, and the growing need for better collaboration between engineers, architects, and contractors in order to exploit technological advances in materials and methods, while at the same time reducing the environmental impact of building. These chronologically arranged essays span five decades, and many of the themes they address are as relevant today as they were when first produced. Illustrating wisdom, practical problem solving, and Arup’s philosophical approach, this book is a necessary and long-overdue addition to the library of anyone who has a passion for, and an interest in, the principles of great design.

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