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OTAKU LIFE!. Comics, Video Games and Cosply!

The once denied and misunderstood subcultures, such as otaku/geek culture, are now making their ways to the mainstream and significantly influencing the trends and directions of arts.

Otaku Life! is trying to present otaku elements in the context of arts, design and culture.

By exploring its cultural background and most concerned issues, this book strives to get otaku elements known in a profound yet artistic way.

【Selling Points】

1. Elaboration on the history and culture of comics

2. Pamphlet on how to read a comic/manga and how to use comic visual elements

3. Interviews with renown cosplay artists

4. Display of comics, illustration, game designs works

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Formato: 20x27
Pagine: 240
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2019

ISBN: 9789887928324