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di Alan Hess

At age 100, Oscar Niemeyer is universally acknowledged as a master of form, color, and light—the last living Modern master. Niemeyer is known primarily for his large-scale institutional and civic designs throughout Brazil and Europe—daringly conceptual works that challenged twentieth-century orthodoxy about Modernism, materials, and structure. This comprehensive book, a companion to Rizzoli’s Oscar Niemeyer Houses, presents a reevaluation of his greatest buildings, in all new color photography specially commissioned for this book. Featured are the architect’s most seminal work, including: Ministry of Education and Health, Rio de Janeiro; Brasilia; New Pampulha Yacht Club, Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Mondadori Headquarters, Milan; Le Havre Central Cultural Center, France; Niteroi Museum of Contemporary Art, Brazil; and the Oscar Niemeyer Museum. A periodic resident of Rio de Janeiro, photographer Alan Weintraub has been granted unprecedented access to these remarkable structures—from Brazil to North Africa to Italy. As a result, Oscar Niemeyer Buildings reveals the master’s brilliant artistry, and his eloquent, sinuous, utterly livable Modernism.

> Alan Weintraub is a widely published architectural photographer whose recent books include Frank Lloyd Wright: Mid-Century Modern, Oscar Niemeyer Houses, and Frank Lloyd Wright: The Houses. Alan Hess, an architect and critic for the San Jose Mercury News, is author of Frank Lloyd Wright: Mid-Century Modern, Oscar Niemeyer Houses, and Frank Lloyd Wright: The Houses, among others.

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