OH MY DOG. Illustration Collection

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OH MY DOG. Illustration Collection

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OH MY DOG. Illustration Collection

Probably no animal in this world is like a dog, who is born to accompany human beings. The touching moments depicted by illustrators with their pens and brushes may be far from what the dogs actually bring to us, but they are probably the proof that the human race is not alone in the world– Yin Yao

We come home from work and open the door, then we see a furry little fellow rushing towards us; at that moment we understand the existence of dogs - whether it is a family member or a friend, whether the love between us is family bond or friendship. Our encounter in this life is something more than the word 'fate': the printed dog images can also keep us company and this one particular book is enough– Emu Zoo

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Formato: 17x24
Pagine: 180
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2020

ISBN: 9781912268634