NOVUM 08.2017 - Travel

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NOVUM 08.2017 - Travel


When it is really hot, what could be nicer than to jump into the cool water or to go traveling? The new issue of novum too sets out into the wide blue yonder. The silkscreen cover tempts with deep and shining colours and in our novum+ section we present great projects on the subject of »travel«.

To compliment the season our August issue focuses on the topic of »travel«. We talked to the creative director of Winkreative about the redesign of Air Canada and present the corporate design of a luxurious Viennese Grand Hotel. Japanese Manga artist Jiro Taniguchi takes us to Venice and we present extraordinary »travel documents« handed out to top-end clients.

In our showroom we visit studios and designers from America to Greece and continue our series about the history of »New Typography«.


For the cover of this issue we used the paper creative board by Koehler Paper. The recycling paper is made 100 % of secondary fibers and has a FSC certificate. There are many vivid colours to chose from, we used the colour azur. To get good results on the coloured paper we used silkscreen printing.

The illustration on the cover comes from Bob Design. The London studio simply sent the letters of our logo to go swimming and enjoy the sea. A nice idea that captures the summer feeling a charming and direct manner. 

The cover makes a splash with a two-color silkscreen print on azure-colored stock. The refreshing design was provided by the wonderful creatives at BOB Design (see more work from BOB in last years’ august issue).
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2017

ISSN: 1438-1753-817



Winkreative (CAN) / Moodley (AUT) / Lily Design (ISR) / Jiro Taniguchi (JAP) / Dunkelblaufastschwarz (AUT) / Paperlux (GER)


Tsto (FIN/USA) / Lazy Snail (GRI/DEN) / Designwork (ITA) / Ingrid Picanyol (ESP) / CL Design (FRA/GBR)

New Typography , part 3: The international movement – the »New Advertising Designers' Circle«