NOMADIC LIVING. Relocatable Residences

Braun Publishing

NOMADIC LIVING. Relocatable Residences


di Sybille Kramer

  • Haus B10, Germany (Werner Sobek)
  • Koby Cottage, USA (Garrison Architects)
  • Dubldom, Russia (Bio Architects)
  • House MJ, Slovenia (Kombinat)
  • Slow Town Tiny House, Korea (The Plus Partners + DNC Architects)

The four walls that we inhabit are far more than just a roof over our heads – it’s the place where our personal and unique life is played out with all its complexities and nuances. It is not uncommon when we move to feel regret that we cannot simply take our abode, the focus of our lives, along with us. For many people it is increasingly important to be able to move easily, to be able to react spontaneously to personal desires or life changes of all kinds.

Because of the increased needs to both preserve our identity that is rooted in our home and to be more geographically mobile, the market for “movable” houses has grown and diversified. This is most noticable in the growing numbers of commissions received by architects and designers for technical and creative conceptions of mobile houses. As much as concept, appearance and construction might vary greatly from house to house, what unites all of the projects presented in this volume is the claim to a design that is both larger than life and consistently compelling.

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