We invite 20 interaction designers to discuss about emotion communication and information exchange in interaction design, with articles to share their understands about design technics, information exchange, emotional communication and the trends of interaction development. Lots of excellent interaction design cases will be featured, new trend of interaction design will be told through the articles and cases.

CHAPTER 1. Social Interaction Design: Do you know any social apps besides Facebook and Twitter? This chapter introduces some and illustrates the role that interaction design plays in social media.

CHAPTER 2. Recreational Interaction Design: Various kinds of mobile apps enrich people’s daily lives. How do designers apply the principles of interaction design to satisfy users’ leisure needs?

CHAPTER 3. Functional Interaction Design: Functional does not necessarily mean plain. The combination of utility and aesthetics is the key to creating the optimal user experience.

Selling Points:

  • 20 excellent interaction designers share their unique ideas about the new trend of interaction design.
  • 77 top interaction design cases from 15 countries.
  • Well-selected design cases are classified by three categories:social, functional and recreational.

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