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di Made Wijaya

One of those books that feels like a holiday. It also provides a uniquely useful introduction to a design tradition that will be alien to most British readers’ – Gardens Illustrated

Made Wijaya has been delighting us with his books and gardens for thirty years. Written in his usual witty style, and with a winning mix of information and inspiration, this book will be seized on by owners and designers of all types of garden around the world.

Wijaya is best known for his romantic Balinese garden designs and for his books and films on the architecture and culture of Bali. His modern gardens in Mumbai, his work with the best modern bungalow architects in Singapore during the 1990s and his design for the Asian Garden section of the Naples Botanical Garden in Florida are highly influential.

Since publication of Wijaya’s book Tropical Garden Design, a new wave of modern gardens has gripped the tropical world – in particular, the tropical Asian world where Wijaya works and lives. This book is a stunning documentation of that new wave and of its historical antecedents.

Wijaya presents the work and design philosophies of the best modern tropical landscape designers over the past century, and dissects the various styles – from Brazilian modern, through Hawaiian to New Asian – that have influenced garden design. He also offers invaluable guidance on practical matters such as water features, pavings, lighting, furniture and artworks.

> Having designed over 600 gardens and fifty houses in the tropical world, Made Wijaya is a recognized authority on tropical gardens and architecture. He has written several books, including Tropical Garden Design and Architecture of Bali, both of which were published by Thames &? Hudson.

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