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di Guo Zuhn

MODERN ORIENTALISM. New Chinese-style Design

A Collection of 21 interior design Projects, categorised into four Parts:

  • The Meaning of Literature
  • The Beauty of Painting
  • The Fineness of Craft
  • The Thinking of Philosophy

All of these projects are selected as they are deemed to be the best representation of 'Modern Orientalism', a style in interior design that is believed to have both a traditional Chinese flavour and modern design characteristics; a contemporary interpretation of the traditions based on requirements of modern men. The interpretation is not realised by simply using typical Chinese elements in the design; rather, the deeper soul behind the Chinese civilisation is explored; literature, painting, craft, and philosophy are all covered.

Through the book, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture and its application in contemporary interior design.

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Anno: 2018

ISBN: 9781912268313