MICHAEL JACKSON. The Making of "Thriller"

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MICHAEL JACKSON. The Making of "Thriller"

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di Douglas Kirkland

MICHAEL JACKSON. The Making of "Thriller". 4 Days/1983

Hundreds of never-before-seen photos documenting the making of the greatest video of all time are published in this ultimate tribute to the King of Pop. Fans and music lovers will gain access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes images of the artist, both in high performance mode and relaxing on the set. They'll watch Michael Jackson transform into the zombie and werewolf characters and see intimate photos of the public and private faces of the legendary musician at the height of his career. Here, Kirkland and journalist Nancy Griffin, a bestselling author in her own right, share their extraordinary experience on the set of "Thriller." The astonishing photos are accompanied by interviews and quotations from musicians and celebrities, including Sir Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Steven Spielberg, Diddy, Quincy Jones, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys and many more―all of whom were influenced by the work of Michael Jackson and this groundbreaking video.

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