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Biography and overview of the work of Fernando Menis (1943), one of the leading architects in Spain. The core of Menis' architectural work is based on repeating the best of the past, re-creating situations that have worked before. His method is grounded in the need to re-utilize resources of nature and the landscape, culture and history, according to each project and place. Contributions by architects such as, Barry Bergdol and Dulce Xerach Pérez. 

Fernando Menis’s works combine physical grip with mental freedom, tactile attachment to constructive matter and the visual imagery of his compositional language, close ties with the mineral landscape of the Canary Islands and the rich catalogue of their frond references. This plausible and unexpected architecture is at the same time geological and cultured, rigorous and playful, insular and cosmopolitan, and is installed on the stony certainties of tradition to subvert them with irony and affection. Strongly and effectively based on a tough constructive realism, functional as well as climatic, Menis practices the serious game of language: the sculptural forms of concrete, quiet movements of the curves of steel or warm and smooth skins of wood play with the rustic order of masonry or stone plinths, scattering the set with flashes of humour, sensuality and emotion, to became in an architecture which varied references to nature and history are amalgamated with realism and eloquence in projects that are based, as their author, on landscape and culture, matter and image. If someone notices that all these I have already said about his shared career, there is because I do not notice any breach between his choral trajectory and his solitary journey. Alone or accompanied, Menis has created a language that distinguishes him as an author: not little thing for a creator, and more for an architect. - (Luis Fernández-Galiano)

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