LOT-EK. Objects + Operations

The Monacelli Press

LOT-EK. Objects + Operations


di Ada Tolla - Giuseppe Lignano - Thomas de Monchaux

LOT-EK is a design practice that believes in being unoriginal, ugly, and cheap. Also in being revolutionary, gorgeous, and completely luxurious. LOT-EK’s work reveals extraordinary transformations of ordinary things—from their famous shipping container projects onward—combining maker culture and hacker culture into beautiful and radical visions for sustainable and meaningful living. LOT-EK: Objects + Operations surveys dozens of projects—built, unbuilt and in-progress; polemical, practical, and in-between—complemented by photographs from LOT-EK’s multi-year URBAN SCAN project, a vast photographic document of infrastructure and incident, as well as essays by Thomas de Monchaux and interviews with founding partners Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano.

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Formato: 19x25,5
Pagine: 400
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Lingua: GB
Anno: 2017

ISBN: 9781580934831