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di Mo Linhong

LOOK AT ME! Eye-catching and Unique Cover Design

  • Collecting a number of book covers from different genres, including literary fiction, children's stories, arts and photography, and social science, this book will be a great inspiration for designers
  • High-res photographs illustrate each entry, accompanied by the cover designers' detailed and insightful descriptions of design philosophy and process
  • Paying tribute to paper books, this book follows the cover design process from start to finish, from layout design to materials selection and manufacturing process

A good book cover does not just show readers the book's content. The most important aspect of a book cover is its ability to attract and capture consumer interest. Therefore, it plays an important role in promoting the book, and conveying the message that 'this is worth buying'. But how can a book cover accomplish this?

With over 150 excellent cover projects from all around the world this book aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the key elements of cover design, as well as practical tips for designers, which can be utilised in their work.

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Formato: 21,5x28,5
Pagine: 240
Immagini a colori: 400
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Lingua: GB
Anno: Dicembre 2020

ISBN: 9789881998224