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di Xia Jiajia

  • A comprehensive and inspiring collection of logo designs that reveals the very latest trends
  • Split into two parts, the book covers 'Case Studies', emphasising the ideas and concepts behind the final design, and the 'Gallery', which showcases a wealth of contemporary design solutions from design studios all around the world

Logo Talks IV offers an incredibly diverse collection of visual trademarks, enabling instant communication between consumers and businesses, creating a unique impact through easily identifiable pictorial representation. In a visual world, logos convey ideas without the need for words; imprinting themselves simply in a rapidly changing, corporate environment where branding is key. This collection has been meticulously selected and offers more than 1,000 logo design projects from around the world and showcases their practical and diverse applications.

By addressing in a brand new way the original ideas of a logo design, the book discovers how form follows function or the other way around. An incredible wealth of contemporary and breathtaking design solutions from design studios all around the globe is showcased in the Gallery. Case studies include: Bank al Etihad, QUDS MEDIA, Edouard Malingue Gallery, Strikk and Blowhammer, etc. 
The book is a comprehensive and inspiring collection of logo design that reveals its very latest trend. You will find two key parts include Case Studies and Gallery. Case Studies not only emphasizes the idea and the concept within and shows how each design is perfectly presented for a particular company from the inside out by examining why design changes were made during the design process, it also gives valuable insights of different working style and impacts on the design of logos from big design firms to individual designers.

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